Rugby knee-high socks

Our rugby knee-high socks are durable, provide safety and guarantee comfort during intensive play.


They are made of high quality raw materials, which breathe well and are responsible for wicking moisture out of the socks. Flat seams prevent abrasions and irritation, and thanks to the pressure band the socks adhere perfectly to the foot and do not twist. This guarantees maximum comfort during long and fierce competition on the pitch.


  • XS 27-31
  • S 31-35
  • M 35-37
  • L 38-41
  • XL 42-44
  • XXL 44-46


We produce customized sports socks
We use advanced technical materials
We use specialist yarns such as Prolen ® Siltex AG +
We adjust the size of the socks to the required size designated by the client
We have a wide selection of colours of the yarns

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