Running socks

A good running sock is the one that is almost undetectable on the foot as it does not twist or rub.


The summer model was made from breathable knitted fabric that swiftly wicks away moisture and excess heat to the outside. We enriched the socks with Ag+ silver ions, which prevent the multiplication of bacteria and mould, thus minimizing unpleasant odour.

In our socks we used flat seams which do not rub or irritate the skin. Terry cloth, which increases cushioning and protects the Achilles tendon, and a welt which prevents the sock from turning provide the highest level of comfort during the training.


  • 1 Side ventilation zones that remove excess heat and moisture
  • 2 Flat seams that do not rub
  • 3 Terry cloth, which provides better cushioning and protects the Achilles tendon


  • XS 27-31
  • S 31-35
  • M 35-37
  • L 38-41
  • XL 42-44
  • XXL 44-46


We produce customized sports socks
We use advanced technical materials
We adjust the size of the socks to the required size designated by the client
We have a wide selection of colours of the yarns
We have a wide selection of colours of the yarns

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